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      Focus on the polishing head for nearly 20 years

      • Polishing grinding head

      • Litchi noodles machine

      • Stone cutting machine

      • Stripe Machine

      Technical support

      The factory adopts Italian technology, for Mordenti, Gasparimenotti, Brabra, Thaima FRUGOLI stone continuous grinding machine matching grinding head

      After-sale protection

      We provide round-the-clock after-sales consultation, technical guidance and maintenance services for your equipment high-speed operation escort

      Quality assurance

      Polishing grinding head series is guaranteed for one year,Within three years, without overhaul Use the company grinding head not satisfied,A full refund within three months.

      Good faith service

      Our Company passed the third-party Certification Company Xinhua letter and the Eastern JinCheng Authority certification, is Hesheng Machinery, Keda Machinery, Shengda machinery, Jinglei machinery, Shanfa machinery integrity partners


      Focus on the polishing head for nearly 20 years

      Laizhou Jiasheng Machinery Factory 

      Focus on the polishing head for nearly 20 years Head

      Laizhou Jiasheng Machinery Factory is a newly developed enterprise integrating machinery designing, production, installation and innovation. Our major products are as follows: reciprocate speedy granite gang saw, marble translating gang saw, four or six claws grinding head for granite and grinding head for marble. We also accept the business that is developing gang saw between speedy granite gang saw and translating marble gang saw. Company absorbs technology from Italy to produce grinding heads branded Jiasheng...[MORE]


      Focus on the polishing head for nearly 20 years

      Contact Us

      Address:Add:No.1 Village, Daiyuan, Chenggang road, Laizhou City,Shandong Province

      Zip code: 261411



      E-mail: info@jiashengmachine.com


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